My name is Françoise Lerusse. Formerly a journalist and a creative executive in the advertising industry, I have since 2014 dedicated myself to photography. I live between Brussels, the South of France, London and Buenos Aires. I shoot scenes from my own life and other peoples' lives, in mainly urban settings.

Photography has the power to reveal. It can reveal the hidden sorrow of an extravert, compassion behind severity and humour in the serious. It tells the truth, especially when people do not know that they are being viewed and photographed. And as a matter of fact, it also tells the truth about myself. Because we see what we are in what we see : voir, c'est aussi se voir.


Sometimes it even gives one another sense altogether or brings more sense to things. In street scenes, in urban landscapes, in architecture photography, the framing, the light, the atmosphere give sense. And that, I find magic.


More literally - and because technology sometimes captures the full scene where human eyes miss parts, photography sometimes reveals something I did not notice at first sight. It can show contrast in the sky, perhaps a bird I did not see appears in the frame, or a tag on a wall. It is always a surprise, good or not!


That's why I love photography.



Thanks to Jonathan Farn for his help on this text.

 All photos and texts are all right reserved. Please do not use them on websites, magazines or for any use without my authorization. Just contact me.

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